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Niagara Springs [Thousand Springs State Park]

By photographer Alfred Hagen

Some of my earliest memories are relative to the Idaho landscape, and perhaps part of why I have lived here for so long. Although my favorite places are the mountains of central Idaho, the Snake River Canyon is perhaps the anchor that keeps me here.

My parents brought me here to Niagara Springs some years ago when I was just two or three years old. I can still remember the awe and wonder that I felt back then when I visit this place. Driving down into the canyon was like taking a trip into another world, a place different than the rolling hills of sagebrush and farm land above, and that still holds true for me today.

Note: Once a separate state park, Niagara Springs is now a unit of a single park, Thousand Springs State Park.

Road down into the canyon
Road leading down into the canyon to Niagara Springs State Park. [Courtesy Alfred Hagen]
Niagara Springs
Niagara Springs [Courtesy Alfred Hagen]
Crystal Springs Lake
Crystal Springs Lake [Courtesy Alfred Hagen]
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