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Still Kickin'

There are those people who, once they're over the proverbial hill, just seem to pick up speed. In fact, Idaho is filled with these folks who continue to inspire and amaze long after most would have called it quits.

"When somebody tells you to take it easy, you say the hell with that," says 87-year-old Marty Morache. "Get out there and keep moving. I figure a moving target is a lot harder to hit than one that is camped behind the television set."

"Out in the hills every day don't hurt you a bit," says 93-year-old Chuck Cavanaugh. "It's the big expanse of country you've got to see."

From hikers to bikers, hunters and historians, Idaho has an aging population that still yearns to be outside. They watch the land change over the decades. They watch their bodies change too.

"Well I'm slower," says 83-year-old Henrietta Boland. "I'm going to keep riding the bike until my knees won't let me do it anymore. I know not everybody shares my attitude about the outdoors. I talked to one woman who said, 'Camping? That means that my bedroom window is open.' That's a pretty small world. I like to explore beyond."

Through hills, fields, water and air, their timeless pursuit of the outdoors is inspiring. Their wisdom . . . ageless.

"I have a lot of memories," says 87-year-old Bob Jones. "Yep. Lot of memories."

Outdoor Idaho introduces you to some some Idahoans who are still kickin'.