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Summit Idaho

Outdoor Idaho joins four groups of mountain climbers on treks to Vienna Peak in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Gilmore Peak in the Lemhi Mountain Range, He Devil in the Seven Devils Mountains, and Scotchman Peak in the Scotchman Peaks proposed wilderness in Idaho's Panhandle.

Each ascent is a unique experience in elevation gain, geology, wildlife, and, of course, breathtaking, panoramic views from the top. The program explores what it means to be a mountain climber in Idaho, and it's one more example of the power and majesty of Idaho's landscape to inspire.

"I call it the I-Max ridge sometimes, where you think you're in the I-Max theater and everything is just dropping away from you."
        -- Judy Steciak, mountain climber on He Devil Peak

"The peaks are kind of like magnets for me. They just pull me up. It's hard to resist going up."
        -- Jim Mellen, mountain climber on Scotchman Peak

"Hiking is almost a spiritual experience for me. It's the metaphor of taking one step at a time, similar to one day at a time. You're charging uphill for hours on end and hating it, then get to the top and feel exhilarated by the challenge that you've been able to overcome - then the downhill walk back afterwards — the ebb and flow of life."
        -- Mariel Platt, Hiker on Gilmore Peak