American Kobe Beef

As our feast continues, Mortimer is putting the finishing touches on the main course, Kobe beef.

“Snake River Farms and their Kobe Beef program is right up there with the best in the world. There’s really not much better going on out there,” Mortimer says.

Waygu cattleOut in the pasture where the beef is raised, you find a different sort of cattle at home on the range.

“They’re Waygu Cattle, this is where American Kobe Beef comes from and the results at the table can be stunning,” says Ken Tew of the Sutton Creek Cattle Company. “Until you try it you won’t believe it. We raised these cattle for two years before we ate our first Waygu steak and it was definitely worth the wait.”

The beef from Snake River Farms, a division of Agribeef, is shipped all over the country and all over the world. It was even the main course at the Academy Awards.

Jay Theiler of Snake River Farms explains why the taste is so different from regular beef. “What makes these cattle different than other cattle is the amount of marbling in the rib eye area. You can see the amount of the flecks of white in the red meat and that’s what makes a difference. It actually melts in the cooking process and coats the meat with flavor and that’s what gives you that flavor sensation when you bite into is the marbling within the meat.”

This beef costs many times what you’d pay for regular beef in grocery stores. And people are paying it. Aside from taste they say it’s also all natural and better for you.

“There’s no hormones, there’s no implants, there’s nothing other than they get a lot of grass and they get really good quality hay in the wintertime and that’s all they get,” says Tew. “I think its really great, I think these cattle have a definite place in today’s industry. Not only does it taste better and is more tender, there are studies going on that show that it’s a lot healthier. These cattle produce three-times the unsaturated fat.”

The wines tonight are local too. From Hells Canyon Winery in Sunnyslope.