Organic Salad

The next course of this meal of Idaho is a salad. But not just any salad. Jon Mortimer prepares this one just so, with the finest organic greens from Purple Sage Farms in Middleton.

saladsFor owner Tim Sommer, the boom in organic foods is a blessing. Restaurants and stores come to him for his certified organic herbs and greens. He says they come because the world is changing. Idaho is changing.

"This is a wild and wide open world in flavors and it’s incredible. You grow up…and particularly in Idaho…you would grow up eating iceberg lettuce and you know what . . . the world is just completely different."

making saladsHe says people all over are trying new things. No longer are you limited to iceberg lettuce and plain old greens. He wants people to expand their gastronomic horizons.

"A lot of our world exists on basically six different crops, that’s what they exist on. But there are numerous varieties of plants that are not only edible, but incredibly delicious and people limit themselves too much."

His produce is grown without chemicals, grown naturally, but it’s really about taste. It’s really about the delights of food, the delights of eating well.

"Food is something you entertain with," he says. "There is great joy in what you can do with it. It’s a great place for being creative, a great vehicle to be creative"

He started sixteen years ago when hardly anyone was growing things this way, let alone writing books about it. So most of it is self-taught. Now organics are taking root, and more and more people are learning what can be done quite easily in the kitchen.