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salmonYou can't talk about Idaho for long without talking about its wildlife. Of all the states in the Intermountain West, Idaho most closely resembles the past of Lewis and Clark.

In the last twenty years, two animals have dominated the discussion about wildlife in Idaho: salmon and wolves. These two animals represent in bold terms the successes and failures -- and frustrations -- of wildlife officials and all those impacted by these species.

We're all aware of the plight of Idaho's remarkable ocean-going fish. From its inception, Outdoor Idaho was there to champion their cause. We believe they are one of the things that makes Idaho so special.

View a video segment of salmon in Idaho.

black wolf

If you live in the city, chances are you think it's the thing to do... to bring back the wolf. If you live in the country or are an avid hunter, you might think it's one of the dumbest things the government has ever spent money on. But both sides agree on one thing: the wolf is flourishing in Idaho's backcountry.

Best estimates now put their numbers at just under three hundred. Many experts believe that wolves will soon be taken off the Endangered Species list. Then the state of Idaho will control Idaho's wolf population, the way it controls the numbers of other species.

View a video segment of wolves in Idaho.

This past summer we gathered together some of our "Outdoor Idaho" friends, to discuss how the state has changed in the past twenty years. Our destination was a high mountain lake in the Payette National Forest. The discussion around the campfire was animated and, surprisingly, optimistic.

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