Behind the Scenes

Pat Metzler shooting video in the Sawtooths

What does it take to produce an Outdoor Idaho episode? Good question. Each show needs a writer/producer, the one who comes up with the idea, contacts the people to be interviewed, and writes the script.

And each show needs a director/videographer, the one who actually brings back the pictures, who lugs the camera gear, who makes sure the batteries are working, and who has that necessary touch of artistry. Oh, and because we don't have a big budget, this person also needs to bring back great audio.

Jay Krayjic and Alberto Moreno shooting video outdoors

Usually, the director/videographer is also the editor, the one who combines voice overs, interviews, music, natural sound, and scenics to create the actual program on video tape.

Today's editors use a non-linear editing machine. But until 1998 our shows were edited with a linear editing machine. (It's really the difference between a typewriter and a word processor.) That meant the show had to be figured out in advance, because it was very difficult to go back and change something. Now that we have the option of making changes in the show at any time, without having to start over, we wonder how we ever managed in the typewriter/linear editing world!

Jay, Pat, Jeff looking at video in the edit bay

We figure that one of our shows takes about seven to nine weeks to complete: a week or three to write and shoot the primary interviews, and about five weeks of editing in the edit bay. That makes it tough when we have a weekly air date. That's the reason we have to rely upon repeats, which is frustrating for many viewers. Hopefully, our shows are worth watching more than once!

Jeff Tucker riding a horse backward while shooting video

John Crancer is the lead producer for Outdoor Idaho. The other producers work with John to make sure their story ideas will work into the overall schedule. After that, producers are on their own. Usually, we know our show schedule about fifteen months out. Some of John's recent shows include "Desert Hideaways," "Winter Wonderlands," and "Idaho's Centennial Trail."

Pat Metzler is the main director of the show. He put together our Open and has been responsible for more shows than anyone else. Some of Pat's recent shows are "A Middle Fork Journey," "A Trip to the Moon," and "A Palouse Paradise."

Bruce Reichert is the host of Outdoor Idaho. It's his voice you hear on each show. Some of Bruce's recent shows include "Silver Valley Rising," "Back to the Past," and "A Middle Fork Journey," which he co-produced with John.

Bruce works the boat through white water while Chuck shoots video

Marcia Franklin, Joan Cartan-Hansen and Jim Peck are also writer/producers. While Outdoor Idaho isn't their primary assignment, they each contribute at least one or two strong shows a year for the cause.

Marcia's latest shows include "Camp Rainbow Gold". Joan's latest shows include "A Trip to the Moon" and "Frank Church Wilderness." Jim's latest shows include "Extremely Idaho" and "Bird Hunting in Idaho."

Jay sitting in a dune buggy in the desert

Alberto Moreno, Chuck Cathcart, and Jay Krajic are also director/videographer/editors. Alberto is also a musician, which has come in handy on several of our productions, most notably "Oldtime Fiddlers." Some of Alberto's recent shows include "Extremely Idaho," "Bird Hunting in Idaho," and "Teton Inspiration." Chuck has most recently directed "Motorized Idaho," "Desert Hideaways," and "Winter Wonderlands." Jay has directed "Camp Rainbow Gold" and "Desert Therapy."

Ricardo Ochoa, the only original crew member of Outdoor Idaho, is also a director/videographer/editor. Some of his shows include "War of the Weeds," and "Fish & Game in the Crosshairs."

Rick Penticoff and Stephanie Dickey create the various websites for our shows. Sandy Streiff and Lisa Sommer assist with the graphics as needed. Cassandra Groll, Michelle Waddell, Sandy McBride and Morgan Dethman create our on-air and motion graphics. Anne Peterson and Karen Johnson work on publicity for our shows. And Jeff Tucker, our production manager, is the WD40 that keeps the train on the tracks.

25th Anniversary Show a Hit With Viewers
By Bruce Reichert March 17, 2008

The show aired. The phones rang, and the balloons popped. Another Pledge Drive has ended. OUTDOOR IDAHO's contribution this year was a 90 minute program, celebrating 25 years of service to the citizens of Idaho. It was a show that really seemed to connect with viewers.

"A great show. I love you guys. You make Idaho come alive," emailed John Freemuth.

Chris Harris wrote us: "I love Outdoor Idaho. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"What a great show! AND y'all obviously had fun putting it together," emailed Diane Ronayne. "Thanks for going through everything you had to go through to make that show happen. It's truly valuable in so many ways, and the documentary footage of both people and places will become even more valuable over time. P.S. The hat piece was priceless!"

Shooting video at Jump Creek"I don't know the composers or the artists that sing these songs on Outdoor Idaho," wrote Jim Weaver, "but they are the most beautiful songs I've heard. And, I dearly love Outdoor Idaho! It gets better every year."

Jim Weatherby wrote, "Dana and I really enjoyed your Outdoor Idaho special. What a rich and rewarding career doing those extraordinary shows. Congratulations and best wishes for the next 25!"

"When I was watching your show," wrote Curt Henson, "I started thinking, when do I feel the most joy and happiness in my life? It's when I'm in the great Idaho Outdoors! I would like to find out how to become a part of Outdoor Idaho in any capacity."

John Bertram wrote, "Idaho thanks you for 25 years of discovery and adventure. Thanks for giving Idahoans a lifetime of places to seek out and hopefully provide stewardship."

"Enjoyed it very much!! especially the scene with the nibbling horse!!!" emailed Beth Pederson, of the musical duo Beth & Cinde.

Ann Couch emailed, "This is SUCH a BEAUTIFULLY done program - you are the best! Have watched the 25th anniversary show twice."

Marty Peterson sent this note: "So Barb and I had settled in to watch the 25 years special on our new 42" HDTV and when you came on the screen, I said "You know, Swisher hates Bruce's hats" before anything was mentioned about your hats. And sometime later the Swisher video appears. Funniest moment of the week at our place."

And one more.

Hiking in the White Clouds Musician Curtis Stigers, who wrote a song for our 25th show, sent us this note. "We were glued to every frame, every moment of the show. It was funny, charming, interesting, entertaining, and, most of all, emotionally moving. I must cop to having been moved to tears at least 5 times and choked up quite a few more. The editing, the new interviews and commentaries, the blasts from the past: all wonderful. My favorites: your hats and Jeff Tucker as a bright-eyed teenager.

"What a terrific show. I couldn't be more proud to be part of it. Thank you so much for asking me to contribute my music. I consider myself very lucky to be a part of the anniversary of a show that is such an important part of Idaho. Vive le Outdoor Idaho! Here's to 25 more years! I hope you'll include me in the 50th anniversary."