Behind the Stories

The idea for this show occurred to me one day while looking at a map of Idaho. This particular map had several roads that seemed to abruptly end. Curious, I looked into why the roads ended. What I found seemed worthy of investigation, and voila, a show was born.

Why does the road end there? Who lives there? What do they do? Or maybe nobody lives there - maybe the road just ends. Why? These were all questions which begged for an answer, at least to this producer.

At first it seemed like a no-brainer to find enough roads in the state which ended with an interesting story to tell; but, as we soon learned, very few roads completely and finally end. Some of the places we found at the (supposed) end of the road seemed to have another way out, even if that just meant an old logging road through the forest that nobody used much.

We explore places where people survive independently from hospitals and law enforcement, strip malls and fast food, places like Big Creek, Chesterfield, Paradise, Elk City, Joyce Ranch, Bayview, Castle Peak, and Atlanta. This program shares the inspiring and heart-felt stories of Idahoans who choose to be closer to nature than civilization, and who truly enjoy life where the road ends.

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