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Castle Peak - White Clouds Wilderness

Standing at 11,815 feet, Castle Peak is the tallest mountain in the White Clouds wilderness of central Idaho. There are higher peaks in Idaho, but none quite as significant in the history of wilderness as Castle Peak. It stands as a monument to the power of people coming together to defend the forests and lands of our state. Had no action been taken, this majestic peak would be a pile of rocks, and a road would cut through the forest to take gigantic truckloads of ore to market.

Today, it towers above the pristine wilderness where no roads are allowed. The only way to get to the mountain is on foot or horseback over 9 miles of trail that switchbacks up and over ridges, until finally reaching Chamberlain Basin, which lies along the western base of the peak. Outdoor Idaho travels to the end of the road and then to the end of the trail to summit Castle Peak in the Wild Clouds, a 2500 foot ascent over 1.2 miles.