snow covered peaksSnowmobiling is the third largest outdoor sport in America. As the popularity of snowmobiling continues to grow, more snowmobilers visit the Boulder-White Clouds each year. “It’s just so spectacular if you get back into the peaks,” said snowmobiler Alison Hammerbeck. “We are just so lucky that we can get back here and see this country.”

Alison and her husband Dan are one of the approximately 1,700 families who belong to the Idaho State Snowmobile Association. They love to snowmobile in the Boulder-White Clouds because it offers diverse riding and deep, light snow where there are few other people. Dan says, “Our motto is ‘our tracks don’t last.’ You come in after a new snowfall, and you can’t tell we’ve been here. When the snow melts off, you don’t know that we’ve been here.”

A fellow snowmobiler, Charlene Cvecich joined the Winter Recreation Partnership Committee to contribute to the revision of a map of the Boulder-White Clouds identifying multi-use areas and strictly backcountry ski areas. The group consisted of the Forest Service, Fish & Game, ranchers, private property owners, business people, and backcountry skiers. “We were able to work out our differences, make compromises and come to agreements. Everyone seems to be happy,” said Cvecich.

With more than 7,000 miles of snowmobile trails, Idaho has the third largest groomed snowmobile system in the United States. During the winter, snowmobilers from all over the country visit the Boulder-White Clouds, contributing to the economy of the summer vacation town of Stanley. In an afternoon, snowmobilers visit areas in the Boulder-White Clouds that would take days to get into on foot. The landscape, the exhilaration of the sport, and the camaraderie with friends and family draw more snowmobilers to the Boulder-White Clouds each year.


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