Interesting Wildfire Sites

News Articles

Fire Wise series from the Idaho Statesman
Part one: Are we wasting billions fighting wildfires?
Part two: Firefighting burns money, manpower
Part three: 'Only you' can change how we deal with fire

Wildfires: Put them out or let them rage? (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Tracking, Policy, and Prevention

NASA Scientific Visualization Studio

Forest Fires in Idaho (Idaho Forest Products Commission) This site has links to great maps of current wildfires.

National Interagency Fire Center This site contains interactive maps.

NIFC Policies Page

National Interagency Coordination Center

U.S. Drought Monitor

Fire Wise

Smokey Bear

NOAA Satellite and Information Service Fire Products (Real Time Satellite Images)

Red Cross Safety/Planning Advice

U.S. Fire Administration

Fires Safe Landscaping techniques (PDF)

Rural Fire Safety and Prevention (PDF)

Rural Fire Prevention Checklist (PDF)

U.S. Forest Service Official Wildfire Suppression Policy (PDF)

Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC)

Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPA Australia)

InciWeb (Incident Information System) This site shows all the fires and includes photos and maps of the fires.

Carbon Footprint Resources

In early 2007, the United Nations panel of climate scientists reported that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing faster than ever before. 'Unless greenhouse emissions are cut aggressively,' the report says, 'temperatures could increase by 5 degrees Fahrenheit by century's end – enough to create a planet much warmer than humans have ever known.' FRONTLINE "Hot Politics" February 2007 (watch the entire program)

PBS Frontline program, "Hot Politics" on the controversy surrounding climate change

"Forest Fires Burn Their Way Into Climate Change" by Robert C. Cowen

"California fires added to warming emissions" AP news story, MSNBC website (includes additional interactive features)

"Estimates of CO2 from fires in the United States: implications for carbon management" - Journal article (mentioned above) Carbon Balance and Management Nov. 1, 2007 by Christine Wiedinmyer (National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO) and Jason C. Neff (University of Colorado, Boulder, CO)

Up-to-date information on current wildfire activity (click on maps or photographs to see details)

Detailed analysis of U.S. wildfire activity

“The Age Of Mega-Fires - Expert: Warming Climate Fueling Mega-Fires” CBS 60 Minutes Report

“More Large Forest Fires Linked To Climate Change”Science Daily July 2006

“NASA Study: Alaskan fires affected Houston air quality in 2004”

“Is Global Warming Fueling Forest Fires?” - Live Science October 2007

“Western Forests, Fire Risk, and Climate Change” Pacific Northwest Science Update January 2004 (pdf file)

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