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Snowbike Racing

Derrick Driggs is a snowbiking legend. Below he describes the history of this sport.

Catching air
Courtesy Risingwolf Photography

The history of snowbiking really begins and ends in Idaho as it is truly an Idaho- born sport. There have been a handful of attempts at different concoctions, but really the first mainstream snowbike company and the ones that started it all was the 2Moto guys out of Boise, ID. Vernal Fobes really came up with the whole snowbike concept in 1993, and developed his first prototype in 1998.

Catching air while racing
Courtesy Derrick Driggs

All the way up to 2009, 2Moto was really the only snowbike company out there. I bought one in 2007 and that was when I first got involved in the sport. Up until then, I would put ice screws in my dirt bike tires just to get on my bike and ride on the frozen ponds in the winter just to be able to keep riding.

Derrick comes up over the ridge.
Courtesy Derrick Driggs

The snowbikes turned that passion to ride all year around into a reality. With the 2Moto you could actually venture into the mountains; although in deep snow conditions it was limited to trail riding only.

Derrick comes off a conus up drop.
Courtesy Derrick Driggs

I rode it for two seasons until Timbersled came along with their Mountain Horse model. Timbersled Products, Inc had been developing after-market snowmobile suspensions for about 10 years. In 2009, owner Allen Mangum developed the Timbersled Mountain Horse. The Mountain Horse was developed with the latest in snowmobile suspension technology giving it an edge in the deep snow conditions over anything else out there. I've been riding for Timbersled ever since.

2012 Flashpoint Championship Snowbike Race
2012 Flashpoint Championship Snowbike Race

In the last year or so, there have been some more attempts at mastering the snowbike conversion kits with two new Idaho companies getting into the mix with UFO Snowbikes and Frozen Moto both producing other variations and styles of snowbike conversion kits. Needless to say Idaho is the snowbiking capital of the world!