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Winter Grit

Grab your crampons, saddle up your horse, wax your skis, and activate your avalanche beacon for fun and adventure on Outdoor Idaho, "Winter Grit."

The Outdoor Idaho crew follows a group of mountain guides as they ski into the frigid high country of the Sawtooth Mountains to conduct avalanche assessment and slope stability. The trek requires backcountry skiing skills, winter survival gear, and a hardy constitution.

Cowboys and skiers come together to chase away the winter doldrums in Bellevue, Idaho where riders gallop their horses down a snow-packed track while pulling a skier holding a rope. Reaching speeds up to 40 miles an hour, skiers try to beat the clock while racing around gates and jumps to reach the finish line.

Using ice picks and crampons, winter climbers scale tall columns of ice along basalt cliffs in the Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls. Climbing frozen waterfalls isn't for everyone, but for these guys it's a great way to get a workout and escape the winter doldrums.

And powder hounds pay a premium to hitch a helicopter ride to a remote mountaintop near the Wyoming border in Eastern Idaho where they delight in carving up fresh snow from an overnight storm.