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A woman snowboards on fresh uncut powder.

Heli-skiing is every powder hound's dream. Catching a ride to a remote mountain top to carve up virgin snow can't be beat, if you can afford it. A typical trip includes 6 runs, approximately 12,000 vertical feet, for a price tag of $1050.00 each. For some, it's well worth the dollars: no lift lines, no crowds, and no hurry to get your runs in before the powder is all skied over. The helicopter can take up to 5 guests, but only advanced and expert skiers are allowed.

There are only a few companies currently offering heli-skiing in Idaho. High Mountain Heli-skiing based out of Victor, Idaho, is one of them. The company partners with Teton Springs Lodge and Spa to offer guests convenient lodging and ski packages. The company also runs an office out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and flies out of one or the other daily.

High Mountain flies a Bell 407 helicopter to access 305,000 acres of skiable terrain in the Snake River and Palisades mountain ranges, as well as portions of the Hobock, Teton and Gros Ventre ranges.

Teton Springs Lodge and Spa is the perfect setting to launch an adventure, or just relax and take in the gorgeous landscape. It sits in the center of the secluded Teton Valley in Victor, Idaho, but is only 20 miles from the skiing mecca of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Two skiiers on fresh uncut powder

It's minutes from hiking and biking trails; world class fishing is just down the road; and it sits on an 18-hole golf course. The lodge also has a swimming pool, a restaurant, and offers spa services.

Visitors can choose from a variety of ski packages at the lodge, including downhill skiing, snow cat skiing, heli-skiing, and cross-country. Before High Mountain Heli-skiing partnered with the lodge, clients had to meet the helicopter at a designated heli-pad. Now guests can simply step outside to the waiting chopper.

Year-round fun is guaranteed.

For more information visit High Mountain Heli-Skiing or Teton Springs Lodge.