Winter 4x4ing

A 4x4 vehicle stuck in the snow on a steep incline

Driving your 4x4 in the backcountry can be a lot of fun, but remember your car needs to be especially engineered to handle the harsh terrain. You also need to know how to drive in tough conditions. It is also essential that you check with the appropriate land management agency before you head out to make sure the trail is open for 4x4 use. Equally important is making sure your rig is in tip-top shape. Check out your local 4x4 club for more information.

Here are some tips from the North Idaho Trail Blazers for extreme 4x4ing in the snow:

  1. Deflate your tires to increase your tire’s footprint. Remember, this will decrease your ground clearance. Be sure to re-inflate your tires before going on-road again. You may need to carry an air supply with you.
  2. Use a slow, steady momentum. Don’t spin your wheels.
  3. Never travel alone and bring appropriate safety gear for winter conditions.