International ACBS Boat Show at Lake Coeur d' Alene

People walking by restored boats at the International ACBS Boat Show at Lake Coeur d' Alene

In 2008 the Antique and Classic Boat Society held its international show at the beautiful Coeur d' Alene Resort in northern Idaho. The resort was a great venue for the prestigious gathering of over a hundred immaculately restored vessels.

“There are 57 chapters in the ACBS and each chapter has their own group of individual shows throughout the summer and we try to culminate the summer by having all the chapters who want to join us at our annual meeting and bring their boats to be judged on the ACBS level and so this is sort of the culmination, the granddaddy. We like to have this be the premier show for the organization. We came here because it was such a beautiful and scenic area. There are boats from all over. The furthest distance is from Connecticut or Florida. They are from Canada and a lot from the northwest here – California, Oregon and Washington, Montana and Idaho. There are some beautiful, beautiful boats here."
--Jeff Stebbins, past ACBS president

The remarkable collection of vessels on display at the show was a big attraction for boat lovers. The long boardwalk on Lake Coeur d' Alene was filled with crowds of sightseers during the festive weekend. Resort owner Duane Hagadone has hosted many boat shows at the resort over the years and has continually strived to make them better.

A restored vintage wooden boat

“Wooden boats have been very special on this lake. It's a great hobby and there's just a great feeling about a wooden boat in the north woods of Idaho. As you know I have hosted the wooden boat show here for many, many years, so it was wonderful to have all these boats and the owners here and to spend time with them. It was just a wonderful experience and the community really turned out and it was one of the big weekends of the year. So it has been a great show and we always try to do things bigger and better and we've been working for years to try and get the international show to really get the cream of the crop in wooden boats and get them all to come to Coeur d' Alene.”
--Duane Hagadone, owner Coeur d' Alene Resort