Medium Sizzler on the water

It is a one of a kind wooden boat, a sixty-foot sailing yacht built specifically for the winds and waters of Lake Coeur d' Alene. Though it's a large vessel, the impressive technologies on board allow Sizzler to be piloted by a single sailor. The boat was the dream of long time Coeur d' Alene resident Duane Hagadone. It was built locally at Hagadone's resort boat shop, with input and contributions from craftsmen around the world.

“I'm very proud and it starts with the fact that our own people and our own company built it and I've had boatmen from all over this country say they have never seen finer craftsmanship than is on this boat. It's a wooden boat from the north woods, very unique, very sleek. I wanted it to be able to sail with some authority and speed on a fresh water lake that doesn't have a lot of high winds like you have on the ocean and Tony Castro who designed the boat really hit a home run. I like things that are unique, different. It's the only one like it in the world and I think the world is a pretty big place.”
--Duane Hagadone, owner of Sizzler

Point of view of Sizzler from boat

“It is unique in quite a few ways. We have adapted and melded together the old technology of wood, we're using modern processes to put it all together and then we're marrying that to the high technology. This boat is literally a push button sailing craft. It's all hydraulic assisted so there is an immense amount of hydraulics on the boat in just the winches and a lot of hydraulic rams, motors. I think everybody involved is just thrilled with what we have accomplished. It is a magnificent sailing vessel and it does everything that the owner wanted.”
--Jim Brown, Sizzler project manager

Close-up of Kilmer sailing

The captain of Sizzler, Dave Kilmer, knows the boat inside and out. He understands what a unique vessel it is and admires its performance on the water. He says his sailing friends tease him about the ease of the boats operation.

“A lot of my sailing buddies are giving me a hard time. They think I have gone soft because they think all I've got left is a little callous on the end of each of my thumbs from pushing hydraulic buttons. Sailors are used to a great deal of effort to make the boat go. We grind winches and pedestal winches and all kinds of different devices to handle the loads that a sailboat creates and especially a boat this size has incredible loads but what the hydraulic system allows you to do on this boat is to handle all those with the touch of a button.
I would say Sizzler is unique in just about any way I can think of as a sailor, from her looks to her unusual pairing of construction materials. You have a very traditionally built boat beneath our feet here and then above our heads you have a very exotic boat with the best of racing technology in her carbon fiber mast and boom as well as carbon fiber sales and Kevlar sails as well. Sizzler is a one of a kind, nothing else like it in the world. What they call a gentleman's day sailor. A very purpose built boat. This boat sails like a dream. It is as close to unbelievable as it gets. There is a great saying that says ships are the closest thing to dreams that the hands of man have ever built and I think that comes pretty close to saying it. This is a sailor's dream come true to run this boat.”
--Dave Kilmer, Sizzler's captain