Jim McGoldrick, Collector

Jim driving his boat

At age 93, Jim McGoldrick is still driving wooden boats. Boats and racing have been a lifelong obsession for McGoldrick. He won his first race at the tender age of twelve and has raced, restored and collected dozens of wooden boats over the years.

Boats at a dock

He keeps many of his exceptional boats at his home on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille. Jim and his wife Milaine have acquired quite a collection over the years. While several vessels stand at the ready at his lakeside docks he has even more boats in a large garage behind his house. He calls it the Yesterday Museum.

Boats in the Yesterday museum

“All these are my collection. I wanted to preserve all those things that we had. We didn't have all these here exactly then but I wanted to collect some items for my children or grandchildren or something like that to see how things changed. Those kinds of things if you had a big building like this you could save them, save them for the coming generations. And we found out that everyone of that following generation has been very interested in it. That was why we put them in the shop here so that people could see what we had. That Century runabout was a neat little boat in the '30's. It is very unique. It is a collector's item and I'm a collector. I have been an enthusiast of wooden boats my whole life. It didn't have to make a comeback. It gets in your blood.”
--Jim McGoldrick, wooden boat collector