Payette Lake Wooden Boat Show

A restored vintage wooden boat

The Payette Lakes Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society is the newest chapter in the nation. But they have already established a tradition…an annual boat show on beautiful Payette Lake. The show held at the docks of the historic Shore Lodge is a summer event that attracts a great deal of interest.

“The show for us boat owners is about showing our boats to the public and giving them a chance to come and see what it is that we have created or re-created. The public really enjoys it, every year more and more people are coming down. The community is getting behind the show; they think it is a good thing. I think it is enjoyed a lot by the public but it is also enjoyed by the boat owners. They are proud to show their boats. They are proud of what they have reworked and re-created as a refurbishment of something that was old that was really brought back almost better than it was when it was new.”
--Trey Knipe, member Payette Lakes Chapter ACBS

Payette Chapter president Jim Winslow is another classic boat owner and a professional restorer. He's also an Idaho craftsman who's spent thousands of hours refurbishing boats. He feels the club and the show have helped the community appreciate how special these boats are.

A boat parade on Payette Lake

“I can't say I'm a collector, I'm more of a saver of wooden boats because once they are gone, they are all gone, there won't be any more. They are a living creature, they all have a soul, I feel. That's just why I love them so much. It's just built inside me for some reason. I think before the club started we didn't have very many nice boats and now we have a lot of really nice boats on this lake and I think the club has kind of caused some of that so it is really interesting to see that happen.”
--Jim Winslow, President Payette Lakes Chapter ACBS

One of the highlights of the Payette Lake show is the boat parade along the south shore of the lake near downtown McCall. The vintage craft fire up their engines and cruise past onlookers in an impressive display that rekindles memories of days gone by.

“The parade that happens every year at the chapter here at Payette Lake is a fun event and we try to gather people off the docks who don't normally ride on boats. And the cruisers generally tend to be the ones that get out front and lead the parade and we kind of go through town and it's just a chance to let people know that the club is out there.”
--Richard Holm, member Payette Lakes Chapter ACBS