Program Notes
By Bruce Reichert

Henrys Lake

Television is the definitive collaborative effort, from the original idea, all the way — usually many months later — to the final completion of the show. "Working for Wildlife" was particularly collaborative, because without help from several sources, we simply could not have completed the program.

Thanks go to Kris Millgate for the original idea and for producing the final two segments of our show: Winter Collaring of Mule Deer and Cutthroat Trout into Brockie Lake.

Thanks go to Eddie Chung and his group at Wild Lens, Inc, for sharing with us their wonderful California Condor footage. It was a fast turn-around and we thank them and wish them the best on their upcoming documentary on this amazing creature.

Thanks also go to Corbin Maxey, for allowing us to use his footage of the black bear release in the state of Washington. It really showed the final, important step in releasing orphaned cubs back into the wild. And thanks to the folks at KIVI-TV — Steve and Joaquin — for making us a timely dub of the footage. And thanks to Sally Maughan and her friends at Idaho Black Bear Rehab for letting us share in the experience.

Thanks go to Phil Timpany of Wildman Productions, and to Dr. Kim Heinemeyer and her friendly co-workers, who went out of their way to help us get the wolverine footage and the photos we needed to tell the story of this fierce, solitary creature.

Thanks to the fine folks at the Idaho Fish & Game Department and the U.S. Forest Service for their many contributions.

And thanks certainly to my colleagues, to director/editor Pat Metzler for corralling and subduing all the disparate elements in this half-hour show, and to Hank Nystrom, Jay Krajic, Dave Butler, and Chuck Cathcart for taking time out from their busy schedules to shoot various elements of the story.

Check out the credits of the show to see how many other folks deserve our thanks. It's quite a list!