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The Laura Moore Cunningham

The Campers

Campers complete a writing exercise overlooking the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. Photo courtesy Marcia Franklin.

Every August, about 40 young people from around Idaho attend Writers@Harriman. Hailing from different regions of the state, and with varying life stories,the one thing they have in common is their love of writing.

Here are some of the young people in the documentary:

Jessy Forsmo-Shadid Photo courtesy Marcia Franklin.

Jessy Forsmo-Shadid

Jessy was about to enter her sophomore year at Kuna High School during the 2010 session.She is an aspiring poet and actress, and won third place in the state "Poetry Out Loud" competition in 2011.

"I like to write because it is amazing. It's like art but in words. It's a way to express yourself...and it's just an amazing way to escape, to relax. It's like going into a different world."

Mckenzie Ju Candalot Photo courtesy Marcia Franklin.

Mckenzie Ju Candalot

Mckenzie was about to enter her junior year at Cottonwood High School during the 2010 session.She likes working at her local library, and plans to be a teacher.

"Everything is electronic today. You can go and zone out and be a zombie and watch television or exercise your thumbs playing video games and stuff like that. You're doing nothing. Writing is an exercise for your mind."

Eric Amador Photo courtesy Marcia Franklin.

Eric Amador

Eric was about to enter his sophomore year at Glenns Ferry High School during the 2010 session. He is involved in Future Hispanic Leaders of America and Idaho Drug Free Youth and hopes to go to art school.

"I just love writing. I have a passion for it. It sort of takes me away from everything that happens, from school, from my life here.

Kaleigh Moore Photo courtesy Marcia Franklin.

Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh was about to enter her senior year at Kuna High School during the 2010 session. She has since graduated, is working, and hopes to go to college to become an English teacher.

"I truly have a passion for writing. I write almost every day, whether it is in a journal, a poem,a short story, or even a song if the time is right."

Peter Christman Photo courtesy Marcia Franklin.

Peter Christman

Peter was about to enter his senior year at Madison High School in Rexburg during the 2010 session. It was his second year at Writers@Harriman. He is now attending Brigham Young University in Provo, UT.

"I think a lot of guys believe that writing is a feminine thing...I don't think it's a feminine thing. I think any person, boy or girl, can participate in the art and the culture that writing can bring."

Marissa Aiken Photo courtesy Marcia Franklin.

Marissa Aiken

Marissa was about to enter her junior year at Mountain Home High School during the 2010 session. The following year she was the speech captain on her debate team and state champion in Expository Speech. She is planning to go to the University of Portland and continue creative writing.

"It's a peacemaker in my life to be able to write. It calms me. It lets me get my thoughts in order. It lets me escape to a different world -- a world I create, a world I have control over-- but don't at the same time, because there is only so much you can do."