The Idaho batholith

“When people think of the Idaho batholith,” says Richter, “they think the geology is boring. But because there’s a huge fault that comes ripping through central Idaho the trans-Challis fault and because of the sentiments that were in the batholith, it is very much a unique geologic setting here.

“The suite of minerals that occurs here is unusual and it’s all part of the big picture here. The trans-Challis fault zone is why the Idaho batholith is where it is. The fact that the sedimentary rocks were engulfed by the batholith here at Stibnite is the reason why the mineralization is here. It doesn’t occur everywhere. It is very unique. There’s a few settings around the world where there’s comparable mineralization, none of which that I know of occur in the United States. It was quite a deposit of tungsten.”

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