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JOHN GRABOWSKA, Writer-Producer-Director
Environmental filmmaker John Grabowska has produced films from the subarctic to the subtropics. His films have been official selections in festivals around the world, broadcast nationally on PBS and have received numerous international awards. He has lectured on film at the National Geographic Society and the Smithsonian Institution, conducted environmental media workshops in Argentina and Panama and co-founded the American Conservation Film Festival. Since 1991 Grabowska has been writing, producing and directing documentary films with the Interpretive Design Center of the National Park Service.

One of America’s most lauded screen actresses, Meryl Streep has twice won an Academy Award and is the recipient of a record-breaking 14 Oscar nominations. The diversity of women she has chosen to portray has distinguished her work in film, television and theatre for almost three decades. An ardent environmentalist, she is a board member of Harvard’s Center for Health and the Global Environment.

STEVE RUTH, Cinematographer
With a degree in biology and extensive field work on the Olympic peninsula, Steve Ruth was uniquely suited to move into natural history filmmaking with the National Park Service. He has served as principal photographer on numerous award-winning historical and environmental documentaries, filming in diverse and remote locales. He has shot all of John Grabowska’s films.

Academy Award winner Todd Boekelheide began his work in film as a member of American Zoetrope. He was assistant editor on Star Wars and edited picture and sound for The Black Stallion. He won an Oscar for mixing the music in Amadeus, was nominated for his work on Never Cry Wolf and has scored several feature films and documentaries, including Regret to Inform and Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse. Ribbon of Sand is his third collaboration with John Grabowska.

Washington, DC-based Emmy Award winning editor Sam Green has cut films for National Geographic, PBS, the Smithsonian and Discovery. Ribbon of Sand is his second film working with John Grabowska.

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