What We Do

Our award-winning Idaho productions are an essential element of the mission of Idaho Public Television. In a region as geographically and politically diverse as Idaho, we believe our Idaho programs help foster an understanding of this remarkable state.

Our Regularly Scheduled Series

We are proud of having the longest running outdoor program in the West, Outdoor Idaho; the longest running program devoted to coverage of the Legislature in the West, Idaho Reports; the only public affairs call-in program in the Intermountain West, Dialogue; the only call-in science program for kids in the nation, Dialogue for Kids; and Idaho's only state-wide Debates program for Congressional and statewide offices.

Our Specials

We also produce programs not associated with our regular series. Many of these have aired in other states as well as in Idaho. Each year our local programs receive dozens of international, regional, and state awards for excellence. Since 1996, all of our local productions have come with a web component. Some of the web sites are actually quite extensive, so be sure to check them out!

We always enjoy hearing from folks about story ideas. In fact, some of our best ideas have come from conversations with viewers. All of our programs are available for purchase by calling our toll free number 1-877-224-7200 or by clicking to our online video store.

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