Alta Guzman: "They were the ones who said I will not follow. I will not be put on a reservation. I will not be dictated to. I will not have a life that tells me I have to ask somebody else how to live."

Allen Slickpoo: "We are not forgetful. We remember all the wrongs that were done, and all the sacrifices we had to make."

Horace Axtell: "They really didn't want the war, they were just trying to get away, but still, the government and the soldiers pursued and went to bring em back and make em, force em to be something else. "

Herman Reuben: "The way we were taught is that we are part of Mother Earth. We're brothers and sisters to the animals, we're living in harmony with them. From the birds to the fish to the smallest insect."

Toolhoolhoolzote: "Part of the Indians gave up their land. I never did. The earth is part of my body, and I never gave up the earth. "

Yellow Wolf: "We came from no country, as have the whites. Nature placed us in this land of ours _ land that has been taken from us. I am telling my story that all may know about the war we did not want. War is made to take something not your own."

Carla Higheagle: "As we reclaim who we are as a people, it's important that the kids go to these sites and see them and experience them because we still understand there's that spiritual tie to those things. Our blood was left there, so there will always be part of us there."

Joseph: "I could not bear to see my wounded men and women suffer any longer. We had lost enough already. We could have escaped from Bear Paw Mountain if we had left our wounded, old women and children behind. We were unwilling to do this."

Julia Davis: "We as a people are still fighting. We're fighting for our heritage. We're fighting to keep ourselves strong and we have so many battles ahead of us. And our children need to be proud of who they are and what they stand for."