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photo of Cecil Andrus
Cecil Andrus, Former governor & Secretary of Interior
photo of Vern Baker
Vernon Baker, WWII hero

photo of the Hayashidas
Seichi & Chiyeho Hayashida, Japanese-Americans
photo of Barney Hill
Barney Hill, Cowboy poet
photo of Phyllis Laird
Phyllis Laird, Wool grower
photo of Morley Nelson
Morley Nelson, Raptor expert
photo of Dean Oliver
Dean Oliver, Champion rodeo cowboy
photo of J.R. Simplot
J.R. Simplot, Billionaire
photo of Allen Slickpoo
Allen Slickpoo, Nez Perce Indian
photo of Rosalie Sorrels
Rosalie Sorrels, Singer
photo of Amy Trice
Amy Trice, Kootenai Indian
photo of Tom Zabala
Tom Zabala, Basque Architect


When Lewis and Clark visited what is now Idaho, in 1805, they remarked in their journals on the friendliness of the native people. In fact, the Nez Perce were extremely helpful to the expedition. Today, visitors traveling to Idaho frequently remark on the hospitality of the local people. The following twelve portraits reveal the richness of Idaho's people.


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