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photo of caught fish
Good fishing is always nearby in Idaho. Idaho's rivers, streams and lakes hold more than 40 species of gamefish, including trout, salmon, bass, perch and pike. With such opportunity, it's easy to see why fishing is so popular in Idaho. One out of every four Idaho residents has a fishing license. Another 200,000 non-residents also buy licenses.

people fishing in boat
Some Idaho rivers are world-famous. Anglers come from all corners of the globe to eastern Idaho's Henry's Fork of the Snake River. The rainbow trout are incredibly wary, so fortunate is the angler who tricks a trophy trout into taking a fly. Other famous fly fishing waters include Silver Creek, the South Fork of the Snake River, Kelly Creek, the Big Wood River and the Saint Joe.

man holding steelhead

There is nothing quite like the thrill of catching a steelhead. These monster fish fight like crazy and are capable of stripping hundreds of yards of line from a reel. Steelheading isn't for everyone, however. Steelhead fishing is done in cold weather in early spring, late fall and winter.

bull elk
Every autumn, a ritual repeats itself. As bull elk round up their harems, hunters take to the field. Armed with rifles and bows, they hope to bag a Boone and Crockett bull or simply put meat in the freezer. With more than 35-million acres of public land, there are plenty of places to stalk deer, elk, moose, antelope, bear, cougar, bighorn sheep and mountain goats.
duck hunters
Although waterfowl populations are declining in other parts of the country, they are holding steady in Idaho, giving duck and goose hunters plenty of opportunity.
pheasant hunter
Upland game bird hunting is also popular in Idaho. Hunters and their dogs regularly take to the field to bag pheasant, chukar partridge, quail, turkey, grouse and doves.


Idaho Department of Fish and Game
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