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rock climber
Idaho seems to be a state that was made for adventure. At the City of Rocks in Southern Idaho, rock climbers challenge granite spires that reach up to 600-feet in the air. With names like "The Boxtop" and "Animal Cracker Dome," the spires attract climbers from around the world to test their skills on routes like "Bloody Fingers" and "No Cash Refunds." Elsewhere in Idaho, climbers tackle routes in the Sawtooths and the Seven Devils.

photo of glider
While some like to climb mountains, others like to look at them from above. In Driggs, Idaho, gliders take off daily for a soaring adventure over the Tetons on the Idaho-Wyoming border.


More than 14,000 miles of single track trails await mountain bikers in Idaho. The state's varied terrain offer a wide variety of riding experiences -- from gentle trips to ones that will challenge even the most hard-core biker. One unique trip follows the abandoned Milwaukee Road rail line in North Idaho. Everything that made the route attractive to trains -- the gentle two-percent grade, the scenery and the history -- make it equally attractive for bicycles. The 13-mile trip takes riders through nine tunnels and across seven trestles, including some that are several hundred feet high.

photo of a star garnet

"Ee-dah-hoe." Supposedly it was an Indian word meaning "Gem of the Mountains". Unfortunately as it turned out, Ee-dah-hoe was not an Indian word and it had nothing to do with gems. It was a word, probably made up by some promoters from Colorado. Luckily, Idaho grew into its nickname as the Gem State. Star garnet, jasper, smoky quartz, jade and opal are just a few of the precious stones found in Idaho.

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