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photo of Owyhee Canyon photo of Trail Creek
photo of Targhee forest photo of Falls Creek

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Steve Bly

Steve Bly specializes in assignment, location and stock photography with special emphasis on adventure, travel, nature, sports, and lifestyles. Steve is a long-standing member of the Society of American Travel Writers, where he has captured many prestigious photography awards. Steve and his wife Pam live on the banks of the Boise River and enjoy many Idaho outdoor adventures.

"I never picked up a camera until I was 45. Creativity and art had never occurred to me. But Idaho had, in a big way. Early one October morning I took my camera to the Bruneau sand dunes. I was alone in the mist, surrounded by the tints and hues of the awakening day, and it was an intense experience. Geese flew overhead; waterfowl skimmed the lakes. That was the day I decided to become a full-time photographer. I have been shooting like a madman ever since. In Idaho the geographic diversity is immense! Photo assignments for books and magazines have taken me around the globe. But getting back to Idaho is always special to me. Photography changed my life, how I see things, the light, color and composition of my surroundings. The way I understand people; the web of life. And I couldn't be in a better place than Idaho to act upon these discoveries."

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