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photo of valley

Jay Krajic
photo of mountain goat

photo of river & rainbow photo of barn
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Jay Krajic grew up in the Midwest, graduated from Utah State, and has been photographing in Idaho since 1981. Jay likes using natural light to photograph wild landscapes, barns and historic buildings, cityscapes, and unusual objects found along the way during his many travels across Idaho.

"I like the way light from a clearing storm blasts across a granite peak in an Idaho mountain range. I like the way a wild Idaho river roars past a misty bank of ancient cedars. When the morning sun reflects off the ripples of a desert dune or bathes the rocks of an Owyhee river canyon, then I know why I like to photograph in Idaho.

The visual diversity of the Idaho landscape is breathtaking, humbling, and challenging. It's a challenge finding and getting to some of its wild and remote places; and it's a challenge to make sure that those wild and remote places remain to be photographed. Idaho can offer a unique opportunity to tread where few footprints have tread before, and it's my passion to document some of those places on film. And if I'm able to share these images of a visually wonderful place with those who are less fortunate than I have been, then it makes my experience as a photographer that much more rewarding."

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