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photo of creek photo of harbor
photo of salmon river photo of old tree

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mark lisk

Mark Lisk operates a commercial photo studio in Boise, Idaho, shooting both stock and assignment work for a wide range of clients. He has produced work for, or appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Jeep Corporation, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Horizon Air, Hewlett Packard, Brown Trout Calendars, Cold Water Creek, and the Wilderness Society, among others. Mark's first book, "Idaho Impressions," quickly gained him a reputation as one of the great large format landscape photographers in America. His second book, "Salmon River Country," will be released in 2002.

"Much of my life has been spent in the Idaho outdoors. Nothing inspires or rejuvenates me like the true power of the natural landscape. Nature shows a simple truth that I am driven to photograph. There are few other states like Idaho that are able to exhibit such diverse wild untouched lands. Idaho is truly unique and I am lucky to be able to experience its grandeur."

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