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rafts on a river
Glenn Oakley
taichi on sand dunes
valley with creek black wolf

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Glenn Oakley photographs the outdoors and the people who work, play and live there. With an emphasis on beautiful light and elegant composition, he captures the grace and energy of the outdoor world in dynamic, graphic images. His work appears regularly in such magazines as Smithsonian and Outside, and in advertising for L.L.Bean, Yakima, Sierra Designs and Patagonia.

"I love shooting in Idaho for the same reason I've chosen to live here for the past 22 years: it has an unsurpassed combination of wild mountains, rivers, forests, and deserts. This diversity of terrain makes it possible to follow the arrival of spring over a four-month period. Spring comes to Hells Canyon as early as March, with flowers blooming while snowstorms buffet the peaks above. Springtime unfolds over the next several months, rising in elevation. I can be shooting amongst flowers emerging from melting snowbanks in the Sawtooths well into July."

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