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In Our Own Voice


CraigWhen it first started happening I wasn't aware that I was hallucinating. I wasn't aware. It was like I actually had seen reality break down around me. And I knew reality wasn't crumbling for everybody but I thought it was crumbling for me.

It didn't sound like it was coming from within my own mind. It would actually feel like somebody, like there was a ghost standing right over there talking. And sometimes they would come from another person. Sometimes they would come from a person's mind. I would look at a person and I would like hear a thought come from their mind.

When I was still in Seattle I would go into a restaurant or grocery store and I would hear Jesus singing to me or I'd hear angels singing to me in the music over the intercom.

To me it's the experiences of my life. It's not an illness; it's my life. It's my experience. It's what I've seen, saw, heard and done on this earth. It's not an illness.

Every time that I was in a situation in which I began to hallucinate or to have these other-worldly perceptions, there were other events going on in my life that triggered it. It didn't all happen in a vacuum. There were people, there were other people, there were other things going on. And so the reason I'm not hearing voices now is not necessarily because of the medications. It might also be because of the events in my life. There's no need for it. There's no need for it any more.

I do feel that the creativity and the power to save civilization rests with the schizophrenic mind because it's the schizophrenic mind that has an understanding of the spirituality and the emotions that make up the human mind. The schizophrenics experience it. They experience it first hand. They listen to the spirits talk to them. Most people aren't trying to experience all of these things and they repress it whereas the schizophrenic is right there in the middle of it all. And I do feel that the schizophrenic mind is probably the key to saving civilization, if civilization needs to be saved. I don't know if it does or not.