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In Our Own Voice


I don't know about the voices. I always thought it was normal. It sounds like somebody is talking to you and you can't control it and it can override your thoughts. When it starts, you think you can handle it, that it's no big deal. But the longer it goes on; it wears you down.

JanetI wouldn't want anyone to have this. I mean; I never had kids, because I would not subject another person to this. You know, this is hell. Your mind is what leads you through life, what helps you make choices and decisions. And if you've got a mental illness, you're always battling your mind. You're always battling life.

I was so involved in this delusion that I had no basis of reality. I didn't know the difference between right and wrong. I didn't even know my moral values. My moral values are that you don't hurt people. Above all, you don't hurt people. I am a peace seeker and for this to have happened is a tragedy that I am having a lot of trouble living with. I need counseling because I don't know how to live with what I have done.

I want to do something good before I die and that is what I have promised God and that is what I want to do. I don't know what it is yet. But that is what I do want to do.

(The mentally ill) should stay on their anti-psychotics because you don't know when you are psychotic. You don't know.