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Idaho Canyon Scene

One could spend a lifetime searching for a single image that is Idaho, only to realize that the allure of this place lies precisely in its dazzling diversity of altitudes and attitudes. Purchase the video.

It is a state that seems to have been parceled from many, wrote the author Vardis Fisher. Yet its distinctive border harbors a breathtaking diversity of landscapes: Rivers and Plains . . . Deserts and Canyons . . . Mountains and Wilderness . . . Big lakes and Rolling prairie. Using those four general geographical divisions, "Idaho, An Aerial Tapestry" follows the flow of the mighty Snake River on its journey through Idaho.

Idaho Valley Scene

With helicopter footage from virtually every corner of the state, Idaho Public Television has attempted the impossible: to capture the essence of Idaho on video. More than fifty hours of footage was condensed into this one hour. The video is breathtaking, the words instructive, and the entire trip hypnotic!

Idaho Scene

See why, even today, an air of romance, mystery and myth surrounds this last state to be discovered by American explorers.


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