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Fourth Floor

Diagram of Fourth Floor

1. George Washington Statue, 2. Statuary Hall, 3. Winged Victory Statue

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George Washington Statue

George Washington Statue

Public galleries for the House and Senate are located on the fourth floor. As you walk to the public seating, notice the painted concrete floor. Though not marble, the floor mimics the colors and style of the marble floors below.

Two statues are located on the south side of the rotunda and flank the entrance to Statuary Hall. The George Washington Statue was carved from a single piece of pine by Charles Ostner, an Austrian immigrant. Ostner, working at night by candlelight and from a postage stamp size likeness of the President, took four years to carve the figure. The statue was bronzed and presented to the Idaho Territory in 1869. It was displayed on the Capitol grounds until 1934, when it was brought indoors due to weather damage. The statue was repaired, restored, and covered with gold leaf in 1966.

Replica of the Winged Victory of Samothrace statue

Replica of the Winged Victory of
Samothrace statue

The second statue is a replica of Winged Victory of Samothrace. The original statue was sculpted about 400–300 BC on Samothrace, an island in the Aegean Sea. Lost for centuries, the sculpture was rediscovered in 1863 and sent to the Louvre Museum in France. Idaho received this replica from the Merci (thank you) Train, which was sent to the United States in 1940 by the people of France to express their appreciation for the food, medicine, fuel, and clothing Americans sent to France following World War II. Boxcars filled with gifts from the people of France were sent to the capital cities of each state. Idaho’s boxcar included this replica of Winged Victory of Samothrace.

As you enter Statuary Hall, look up at the barrel ceiling. Hidden from view for years, the ceiling has been restored to its original beauty. When Statuary Hall is filled with light and air, it exemplifies the original interior design of the building.