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Pick a handful of Idaho’s special places. Shoot video from the air and on the ground. Let someone who knows these places tell us why they are so special. Add music.

That’s the simple concept behind Idaho Public Television’s lush and evocative hour-long program, "Idaho Edens."

But behind that "simple" concept lies 55 days of shooting… 4,000 minutes of video tape… 3,000 helicopter miles… 5,000 road miles… three weeks of writing… and six weeks of editing. The concept took shape in December of 2000, with the majority of the shooting completed in the spring and summer months of 2001. Editing for the show was completed in the fall. The on-air premiere of "Idaho Edens" was December 2, 2001.

The challenge for producer/videographer/editor Jeff Tucker and producer/writer/narrator Bruce Reichert was to create a program that was appreciably different from the popular "Idaho, An Aerial Tapestry." That program was shot entirely from the air, visiting every region of the State, but essentially following the entry of the Snake River from east to west to north.

After some introductory comments, "Idaho Edens" starts in the north, then heads down south, then east, and finally to central Idaho. "Idaho Edens" celebrates fifteen special areas, using on-the-ground videography as well as helicopter footage. The program also features individuals who offer insight into their special "Eden."

But some things are the same in both "Idaho Edens" and "Aerial Tapestry." Spectacular scenery. Compelling narration. And great music. Once again, we turned to the creative talents of "Wild Roses: Beth & Cinde." The song we chose to feature this time is "There Is A Place," from their album "Voices on the Wind." It is a fitting tribute to Idaho’s many Edens.

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