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river with morning fogWhat do you think about when you're picturing Idaho? This state has a lot to offer from the mountains to the deserts, from rivers to prairie...there is no end to the stunning scenery.

Picturing Idaho is a new special from Idaho Public Television just in time for the holiday season.

Producer Jim Peck and director Alan Austin roamed the state with a diverse group of photographers. This fall we bring you another unique production that could only come from Idaho Public Television. In it, you'll explore the world of photography and photographers in Idaho.

Idaho presents a cornucopia of delights for photographers who harvest images year 'round. Head out to the Camas Prairie with Glenn Oakley for the last of the bountiful flowers and the birds who call this area home. Climb into the high country with Mark Lisk in the Sawtooths, Leland Howard in the Lemhi Range and David Marr in the Seven Devils. You'll make your way to wide vistas with Tim Buckley in the Pahsimeroi and marvel at the changing light of the Palouse with Jan Boles and Allison Meyer. Wet a line, or yourself, in the rivers of Idaho with Steve Bly. And you'll chase the light through Boise and Sun Valley with Chad Case.

Picturing Idaho is a chance to see this state through the lens of some of the finest shooters in the world, all of whom call Idaho home.