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Leland Howard

leland howard Leland Howard has devoted more than twenty years to his art as a nature photographer. Though the mechanics of photography are now second nature to him, seeing the image he wants to capture is a process that transcends words and is, in a sense, new every time. This freshness of approach is evident in the range of moods his photos evoke, and in the evolving sensibility of this artist from Idaho. Leland Howard has an exceptionally detailed knowledge of the rough and tumble territory of America's "wild west." Areas that can only be accessed by hiking, backpacking and cross-country skiing are part of the challenge and part of the reward. The patience to wait out a storm, the diligence it takes to explore access routes thatx aren't on the map-these traits are just part of the toolbox for Howard. He takes them for granted, we revel in the results. Howard's many credits include diverse publications such as The National Geographic Society, Hallmark, AT&T, Sierra Press, Browntrout, Audubon, Healthy Planet, PhotoGraphic, Beautiful America Publications, Angel Graphics, Portal Publications, Outside, Blue Sky Publishing, Reiman Publications, Smith Western, Sierra Club, Great Mountain West, Western Image, Westcliffe Publishers, Northwest Publications and hundreds more. View Leland Howard's calendar page.