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Rick Bass

rick bassExcerpt from "The Book Of Yaak" by Rick Bass

There must be some permanent wilderness refuges in the Yaak - not a rotating system of open-and-closed roads, but true wilderness. Roderick Mountain, for example -- let its name become forever synonymous with the wild. Let the next generation know the wild.

It is a kind of church, back in these last cores. It may not be your church - this last 1 percent of the West - but it is mine, and I am asking unashamedly to be allowed to continue worshiping the miracle of the planet, and the worship of a natural system not yet touched, never touched by the machines of man. A place with the residue of God - the scent, feel, sight, taste and sound of God - forever fresh upon it.

One place, untouched by us. The wilderness. The harbor, from which we came. Home.

Rick Bass Biography
Rick Bass lives in the Yaak Valley near the Idaho-Montana-Canada border. A place that has a feeling of being leftover, preserved.

Publishers Weekly says his writing is, "complex, compelling and expressed in a unique and powerful voice." The Chicago Tribune described his stories as showing "every hallmark of 'the natural' - that lucid, free-flowing, particularly American talent whose voice we can hear in Twain, Fitzgerald and Hemingway."

His non-fiction work, essays about life in the wilderness, wolves and winter. His work, The Lost Grizzlies (Houghton-Mifflin, 1995) documents the search for the embattled bears in the Colorado's San Juan Mountains.

Rick and his artist wife, Elizabeth, moved to the Yaak from Mississippi, where he worked as an oil and gas geologist. He had fallen in love with the northern Rockies years before, while studying wildlife science at Utah State University. He has two daughters and a couple of hunting dogs.

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