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Empire of the Snake

The southeastern section of Idaho is the domain of the grand Snake River and its celebrated branches the South Fork and the Henrys Fork. The Henrys Fork of the Snake cascades down from Henrys Lake near the Continental Divide, while the South Fork of the Snake flows west into Idaho from its headwaters high in the Yellowstone Park area.

Here in the southeast you’ll find the largest sea of sand in the state, the Saint Anthony Dunes. The dunes rise up to four hundred feet high. And there’s also the stark terrain of Craters of the Moon National Monument where lava flows covered the Snake River plain as recently as two thousand years ago.

In the far southeast corner of the state, straddling the Idaho and Utah border is beautiful Bear Lake. Calcium carbonate particles in the water help give the lake a unique turquoise hue. Also not far from the Utah border is City of Rocks National Reserve. Once visited by pioneers on the Oregon-California trail it’s now a mecca for rock climbers.

Further west, along the Snake River, are some amazing water displays. Thousand Springs State Park showcases one of the largest systems of springs in the world. The park contains a number of locations where springs flow from lava walls in gorgeous cascades. And up the river from the park, the state’s largest waterfall Shoshone Falls thunders into the Snake River canyon.