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The Trial of the Century: A Teachable Event

Presented by Byron J. Johnson
To the Idaho Council for History Education
October 6, 2006



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Teachable Subjects

Topic 1. The struggle between capitalists and laborers in late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century America.

Aiken, 3-39.
Grover, 9-57.
Hart and Nelson, 49-70.
Lukas, 98-154.
Zinn, 211-295.

Topic 2. The growth of radicalism in the early Twentieth Century American labor movement.

Adamic, 157—75.
"Fire in the Hole," "'Big Bill' Haywood: A Firey Radical."
Foner, 13-39.
Grover, 283-6.
Holbrook, 181-5, 289-296.
Zinn, 320-357.

Topic 3. The role of the Pinkerton Detective Agency in breaking unions in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century America.

Adamic, 19, 105, 143-5.
"Famous American Trials," "The Trial of William D. Big Bill Haywood," 2.
Foner, 41-6.
Lukas, 155-200.
Ravitz and Primm, 66-118.

Topic 3. What is extradition, what requirements for its use are contained in the U.S. Constitution, and what implication did it have for bringing Haywood from Colorado to Idaho to stand trial?

Grover, 65-8.
Hyatt v. New York, 23 S.Ct. at 458-9.
Lukas, 244-5.
U.S. Constitution, Art. 4, cl. 2, §2.

Topic 4. What is habeas corpus and how has its availability been restricted by the court in cases where an individual is brought into a jurisdiction by illegal means to stand trial?

Johnson, Byron J.

Topic 5. The significance of James Hawley in Idaho history.

Grover, 169-187.
Lukas, 288-90.
McLane, 83-92, 102-38, 153-65, 169, 174-7.
"The Idanha: Witness to History," "The Prosecution."

Topic 6. The significance of William Borah in Idaho and American history.

Grover, 231-5.
Johnson, Claudius, 73-500.
McKenna, 34-434.
"The Idanha: Witness to History," "The Prosecution."

Topic 7. The significance of Darrow in American history.

Grover, 207-9.
Lukas, 300-45.
"The Idanha: Witnesss to History," "The Defense."

Topic 8. Why were there no women on the jury?

Idaho Session Laws (1943), ch. 158, 320.
Revised Laws (1887), §§3935, 3938, 3941.
State v. Kelley, 39 Idaho 668 (1924).

Topic 9. What is corroboration and why is it required in certain cases?

Ravitz and Primm, 192-4.

Topic 10. Was justice done by the acquittal of Haywood?

Foner, 59.
Grover, 283-97.
Lukas, 750-4.
Ravitz and Primm, 200-19.