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Other Players

Judge Fremont Wood

[Image: Judge Wood ]Judge Fremont Wood had been the U.S. Attorney in Idaho in 1892 who prosecuted the striking miners in the Coeur díAlenes for criminal conspiracy that year. He was a district judge from Ada County and was assigned to the case because the district judge in Canyon County had a conflict of interest. Wood transferred the venue of the case to Ada County for better security and to accommodate jury selection.

His concern to not let his own prejudices in the case influence the jury might have led him to deliver instructions to the jury that left them little choice but to acquit Haywood.


Charles Moyer

[Image: Charles Moyer]

He was president of the Western Federation of Miners in the early 1900's. Orchard implicated him in the assassination of former governor Steunenberg. He was also kidnapped from Colorado to Idaho and awaited trial in jail in Boise.

After Haywood and Pettibone were tried and acquitted, the prosecution dismissed the case against Moyer.



George Pettibone

[Image: george pettibone]

He was an adviser to the officers of the Western Federation of Miners in the early 1900's. He was famous for developing a high powered bomb called variously "Pettibone Dope," "Greek Fire," or "Hellfire," which was similar to the bomb with which Orchard killed Steunenberg. He was kidnapped from Colorado to Idaho in 1906. In 1908 Pettibone was tried and acquitted for hiring Orchard to kill Steunenberg.



Jack Simpkins

[Image: Jack Simpkins]

He was the fourth member of the "inner circle" of officials of the Western Federation of Miners whom Orchard said hired him to assassinate Steunenberg. Simpkins was in charge of the operations of the Western Federation of Miners in Idaho. In 1905, he accompanied Orchard to Caldwell and was there with him until at least November.

Although the State of Idaho and the lawyers defending Haywood, Moyer, and Pettibone tried to find Simpkins, no one was successful in doing so. He simply disappeared, and no one has found him since, even up to the present day.

He may well have been the key to resolving whether Orchard was hired to kill Stunenberg, and, if so, by whom.

Governor Frank Gooding

[Image: governor gooding]

Governor Gooding was the governor of Idaho when Stuenenberg was assassinated. He was very much involved in bringing the Pinkerton Detective Agency into the case.