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Clifford's Puppy Days

CLIFFORD’S PUPPY DAYS presents the young, bright, loveable bundle of energy before he was the biggest dog that ever was. The runt of the litter, in fact, Clifford in PUPPY DAYS is small enough to fit inside Emily Elizabeth’s slipper. Young fans find that even though he’s small, Clifford has a huge heart and tremendous good humor that wins him friends everywhere he goes. Viewers find young Clifford painting the town a new shade of red in a different setting — the big city. This new locale is filled with a diverse group of new friends, both human and animal, and endless possibilities for Clifford-style fun.

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Episode Description
Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018 - 11:00 AM    "Valentine Schmalentine/Sweethearts Dance" Valentine Schmalentine: Clifford and Daffodil get very competitive over who can make EE the best Valentine's Day gift of all. In the end, they realize she would have loved whatever they gave her, because she loves them. Sweethearts Dance: EE's excitement over the Father/Daughter-Mother/Sondance at the Community Center turns to anxiety when she realizes she and her dad have to dance in front of a crowd. D
(#214) Show is for Ages 7 and over DVS Enabled

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Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018 - 11:00 AM "Valentine Schmalentine/Sweethearts Dance" (KIDS (5))
(#214) Show is for Ages 7 and over DVS Enabled
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