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Currier & Ives: Perspectives On America

CURRIER & IVES: PERSPECTIVES ON AMERICA focuses on the pictorial legacy of renowned 19th-century printmakers Currier & Ives - from their idyllic New England winter scenes to the more controversial images of these mass-media pioneers. Narrated by National Public Radio's Scott Simon, the three-part series reveals the fascinating stories behind some of Currier & Ives' most popular work and introduces their lesser-known disaster prints, political cartoons, risque lithographs and racially insensitive comic-book series. The final episode explores whether Currier & Ives' lithographs reflected, or shaped, the idea of the "quintessential" American way of life. Expert commentary includes an interview with . . .

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Episode Description
Sunday, Dec 17, 2017 - 6:30 PM    "The Surprise of Currier & Ives" The Surprise of Currier & Ives, reveals the other side of the printmakers' commonly recognized nostalgic and homey portraits of New England. As the firm grew they delved into areas such as advertising, political cartoons, risque prints, and the controversial Darktown Comics series. Also examined is the relevance of Currier & Ives in the 21st Century. D
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Sunday, Dec 17, 2017 - 6:30 PM "The Surprise of Currier & Ives" (WORLD)
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