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Paving The Way: The National Park-To-Park Highway

PAVING THE WAY details the story of twelve motorists who took a 5, 000-mile epic road trip before there were gas stations and fully paved roads. In 1920, the inaugural tour of the Park-to-Park Highway connected all twelve National Parks in the American West. They promoted tourism to the Parks and better roads for motorists. During the early days of the automobile, when cars got stuck in the mud, they were still being towed out by horses, and gravity-fed fuel lines caused problems up steep grades. Only the rich could afford travel by train or by horse to the National . . .

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Episode Description
Friday, Nov 9, 2018 - 12:00 PM    "See America First" A 5,000-mile barely-paved loop connects 11 crown jewels of the young National Parks system in 1920. Starting from Denver, this film follows in the tire tracks of the intrepid travelers as they explored Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Glacier, Mt. Rainier, Crater Lake and Lassen Volcanic national parks. Bill Painter narrates this special that includes photographs from the original tour. Part 1 of 2 G
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