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Action-packed drama taking us into the thrilling world of MI5, the clandestine security service, and the people who make up the elite team. There's organized crime, terrorist activities, embassy sieges, weapons proliferation, subversives, anarchists and drug traffickers, not to mention the conflicts and power struggles that they have to deal with back in the office. A topical and edgy drama about passion, jeopardy and the intrigue of people who have to lie for a living - and who can never tell the truth to their loved ones about what it is that they do.

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Sunday, May 5, 2013 - 3:00 AM    "Gas and Oil - Part Two" With seconds to spare, the team warns the Home Secretary about a car bomb intended for him. But the conspirators that would turn Britain into a dictatorship still have the upper hand and are controlling a terrified and weakened Prime Minister. Harry is arrested and faces execution in a detention center overseen by the boss of MI6; protestors march against the first new executive order; Joe persuades Rowan to make a plea to his father. Part 2 of 2 G

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