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The new travel-based music series MUSIC VOYAGER features host Jacob Edgar exploring thriving, exotic global music scenes to discover emerging talent. Edgar - an ethnomusicologist, cultural musician and music critic - travels all over the world to hear cutting-edge musicians and immerse himself in their cultures. In the series' first episode, Edgar ventures to Mumbai, Delhi to create a hit Bollywood song with vocalist Sona Mohapatra and meet Kailash Kher, one of India's most prolific performers, producers and musical stars. Kher also brings the members of his hit band Kalisa into the studio for a private, intimate performance with Edgar. . . .

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Sunday, May 27, 2018 - 12:30 AM    "Yellow Roads of Italy: 'All roads lead to Rome' (Umbria and onwards to Rome)" Host Paulino Duran leaves the beauty of Tuscany behind as he picks up his journey along the "Yellow Roads," the back roads of Italy to open this episode with a private performance at Posta de Donini Hotel. Then he drives to the capital of Umbria, the city of Perugia, the ancient banking capital in the high-walled city. From Perugia he heads to a private lunch in the middle of the vineyards in Lungarotti and enjoys a conversation with friends around fantastic wines. D
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