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NEED TO KNOW is an integrated broadcast and online current affairs project, uniting broadcast and web in an innovative approach to newsgathering and reporting. It breaks through the limitations of the broadcast schedule by means of a web-based production model that empowers audiences to "tune in" anytime and anywhere. A cross-media initiative built around a wide community of journalists and producers, with input from an engaged audience, NEED TO KNOW covers five primary beats: the economy; the environment and energy; health; security; and culture. Stories, interviews, blogs and photo features are continually added to and updated online, with the production . . .

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Sunday, Aug 19, 2012 - 2:00 PM    "Habitat Havoc" SCOTT SIMON ANCHORS. This week, Need to Know examines high obesity and diabetes rates among children in poor, inner-city communities and describes the New York City health department's campaign to reverse the trend. Anchor Scott Simon interviews Ross Hammond of the Brookings Institute about whether the federal government can help solve the problem. D

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