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Michael Feinstein's American Songbook

MICHAEL FEINSTEIN'S AMERICAN SONGBOOK is a documentary-style expedition through the history of American popular song with Michael Feinstein at the helm. Featuring an extensive array of live performances, this three-part cultural primer highlights his quest to find and preserve the treasures of classic American popular music. The series offers both an intimate portrait of a unique entertainer and a history of 20th century pop culture, with viewers following Feinstein both on- and offstage as he shares personal stories about the songwriters and entertainers he's known and worked with over three decades in the music industry. Additionally, rare archival audio and . . .

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Episode Description
Friday, Feb 17, 2012 - 9:00 PM    "Saloon Singer" Feinstein examines the allure of musical nightlife, from Mississippi juke joints to the neon lights of Las Vegas. He delves into the history of nightclub entertainment, looking at the Cotton Club and Sinatra's Rat Pack. He talks to pioneers of the form, including entertainer Rose Marie, and poet and author Maya Angelou, who once made her living doing a calypso club act in San Francisco. G
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